Facility capabilities & services

Our Capabilities & Services include:

  • CNC Tube & Pipe Plasma Cutting.
  • CNC & NC Pipe Benders.
  • CNC Machining Center.
  • Iron Worker 80 Ton.
  • Fanuc Welding Robot.
  • Twin Column Heavy Duty Horizontal Bandsaw.
  • Overhead cranes 30 Ton (2) 15 Ton (2) 5 Ton (4).
  • Large overhead Door 24’w X 19’t.
  • Full semi-trailer loading and offloading capabilities for seamless shipping and receiving.
  • Forklifts for precise handling of materials within our facility.
  • Welding and fabrication services performed by skilled professionals.
  • Machining capabilities to meet precise specifications.
  • Shop and outside storage: 25,000 sq ft of fabrication space,
  • 25,000 sq ft warehouse on 5 acres.
  • Proximity to the Port of Houston, facilitating efficient transportation and logistics.

Our Welding Capabilities:

  • GMAW (MIG Welding)
  • FCAW (Flux Cored Welding)
  • GTAW (TIG Welding)
  • SMAW (Stick Welding)
  • SAW (Sub-Arc Welding

Certifications/ Services:

  • CWI on
  • D1.1 Certified Welders
  • Weld Testing
  • Third Party Audit


Certified Welding Inspectors (CWI):

  • While not mandatory for all manufacturers, having a Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) on staff can be highly beneficial. Even if there’s no immediate need to qualify welders or procedures, the expertise of a CWI can significantly enhance quality and streamline welding operations within a plant.


Quality Manual:

  • The Quality Manual serves as the foundational document outlining our organization’s comprehensive Quality Management System (QMS). It plays a vital role internally, guiding employees in understanding and adhering to our quality processes and procedures. Externally, it serves as a key reference point for customers and auditors, providing insight into our commitment to quality and compliance with industry standards and regulations.


If you require copies of our Quality Manual and Destructive Testing documents, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’ll be more than happy to provide you with the necessary information.

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